The marketing case 1

« Huayuan group Sailawei textile brand plan and integrated spread case »

That year we played the Sailawei brand with whole market expansion plan and the terminal series product integration packing creativity programming.
First.The consume need and the consumer behavior research
Seconed.The market subdivide and definition with the target market
Third.The marketing target confirm
Fourth.The whole advertisement plan creativity
Fifth.The brand system management,maintenance and promote
Six.The sale strategy and the value of product core
Seventh.Integration packing creativity
Thereout,Huayuan group’s chain brand effect become spread in the textile marketing.The market sales income of the second year has 26.8% accomplishment growths on the original foundation.

« The development report of Pengkou international furniture city»

Pengkou international furniture city"five turn strategy" and its"four changes".
Five turn strategy:"The market brand,retail excellent,wholesale norm,the product enrich and produce intensive "

Four changes:"Marketing strategy change, management strategy change, image strategy change, the industry strategy change"
Nine development measure of Pengkou international furniture city

Create new image of the furniture city
Set up modern logistics system
Develop kit life facilities
Promote the market file time and personal status
The ratings reforms various industry
Adjust management function
Programming intensive for produce base
enlarge the scope of endowment, abundant product