Artistic Television creative

Artistic creative agencies have always focused on using the leading visual arts to promote the dissemination of results to enhance brand value. To provide clients with truly meet consumer needs the most sales of advertising. We respect the creativity, we attach more importance to commercial art and the organic integration; We build brands, We know the market and enterprises are closely related; We rely on the strength and experience of customer service, help enterprises brand reputation at home and abroad.
We aggregation of the industry's top brand consulting teams, creative planning team, shooting team, the magic Synthesis team, the late editing team for customers from the system in-depth market research to the Television creative strategy, shooting from the advertisement columns of various types of packaging television production, from the media to follow-up procedures, From information provided to build brand of professional services chain. Real heroes -- the facts speak!
China's TV advertising has been taking fight hardware and pieces produced, not fight creative ways. Now, the initial shooting using film or high definition, the late start than the computer-generated version of the Who higher, who is the legitimate, who is pirated. As everyone knows, computers creative and innovative you! Let us bear in mind the master terminal Benetton advertising brilliant exposition: "Creative ideas only to the human mind forming. As long as the creative, people will be able to survival and prosperity. If not creative, Mankind wills also staying busy tearing holes in the meat hygiene. All we call wealth, as a happy; in fact, all we call civilization things, and the entire creative product."

Television project workflow :
1 creative planning stage
2 Production Stage
3 Products and services
4 Completed