Three factor for make of vision feeling stimulation

1. The Color: People capture information is from vision over than 80%. Seeing the object within 20 seconds, the component of color occupy about 80%, usually, customer will be make out decision within 20 seconds, it will take 80% first impress, so the color is the most sensitive factor. As the “silent salesman”, And it’s important to make of the form of tool and carrier. Usually to say, the factor of color first come from reaction of circadian, it will awoke people’s attention, let them exciting.

2. The Appearance: Regardless is product itself, exterior packing, advertisement appearance design in the display station, will lead that people endless association of ideas of enterprise concerning the product. (especially at benefit by association the material match with quality)

3. The Ray: Ray's clear and dark and the size of shoot region will influence the design principles, such as color and shape...etc. Illuminated foundation from the ray to speak, common illuminate, indirect illuminate, point illuminate etc. with different colors, shape and the quality, can carry out different light result.Display, advertise to take specialized use of etc. in the selling exhibition up, usually will pass the point lighting to emphasize a certain characteristic.
The sense of vision experience bring vivid impression, outstanding with exaggerated the feeling for appreciate beauty to know scope.