Harvard and Artistic Organization

The graduate students that was Harvard college of commerce about 20% in the high managers of 500 the biggest companies in the United States.They are the chief executive officer,general manager,president...etc. of each company, they conduct with manage of company, is whole Amercian,even the whole world reputation outstanding,property is strong and dominate one square of super business enterprise.They is the contributions for the societies and economy development, affirmative with respect by people of this world, therefore, Harvard college of commerce is a "factory" that a name matches the reality make"occupation boss".

Since 2001 Artistic international brand marketing organization and American Harvard, college of commerce have been keep professional academic and the exchanges of the high level business enterprise visit an activity with each other.Lei.Hard Doctor come to Shanghai to investigation for many times, and instruct item’s development and enterprise communication for the study management to systematize construction problem.The main research direction that plans in 2008 Harvard college of commerce business enterprise management and the market marketing will take aim at the Chinese business enterprise of the Pacific Asia regions.This period Artistic international will sign the multilateral and strategic items push forward a cooperation agreement after 2010.

Complete the basic cooperation structure relation with Harvard college of commerce in 2005, develope correspond cooperation item later.