Artistic Annotation


Artistic -Chinese transliterate:Idea of moon absolute being in ancient Greece (symbol beauty, docile with wise and farsighted)
Artistic -(Artistic) English comment:Noble, pure, lofty, sacred and kind

Salmon pink:    

Contain a wise color
Be the color that symbolizes results,is previous gorgeous before harvest(meaning harvest and success)
Be symbolize a creative color(pursue variety,break and surpass the inside motivity)
Be a mature color(have steady and up vitality also have abundant of nourishment value)
Be energy,worthy, can provide the color of abundant Vitamin C nourishment value for the business enterprise
Not radical,don't make open, but be filled with vitality inside,intense emotion with close with of color
Be let people realize great warm and harmonize a beautiful color in the complicated world
Team faith of Artistic
We pursue the relation that the business enterprise with the market,business enterprise and business enterprise,business enterprise and consumer,business enterprise and government always.
We abandon aside the erosion of the wolf cultural consciousness and resist the deluge of the wolf barbarism always!
We pay attention to the resultant force of the team always, but definitely the non- wolves group in the low level cluster for the sake of the existence.
Our knowing the consultation plan and the advertisement creativity person deeply should have cultural gene.
We construct the competition that the business enterprise and the business enterprise in a harmonious condition.
We believe firmly brand to establish, mold, manage, supporting and promoting is an establishment at the excellent cultural foundation on of spirit outcome.Be help a business enterprise to be placed in the nature circulating mark pole in the positive aspect always.Definitely not for do the brand but brand!

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