Service Team

Artistic international organization carry through people as the center of management thought, we hold the person as the most important resources of company in this intelligence team, developping the person's creation potential,speciality, full consider the employee's growth and value, active and creativity, let each consultator make the biggest contribution for the general aim at reaches the organization development.
The shareholder is the investor of the material capital, but employee is the investor of the knowledge capital, both parties' common cooperation's helping realize the development of the business enterprise is our team value tropism.
Artistc owns international local profession expert,professor,Doctor and experienced person constitute in the intelligence team. Members not only have abundant of the occupation background with consultation experience and transnational corporation high level management, and have the strong enterprising and sense of responsibility.The member of the framework all passes by test of trustworthiness .
Special features of intelligence team member's in Artistc:Acquaint with the international practice and the situation of china.The profession involves to the international economy,enterprise management,market marketing,statistics the finance,finance investment,news,art,advertisement design and package etc. is compound type, the profession repairs with each other of organization structure.Insure us from here and more the deep confidence of with the careful of the professional detail and the integrity of the item programming is effectively exertive after the execution by going to the end item ducting in the whole case the consultation the plan process.

Artistic international organization in Shanghai China own the professional consultation troops of full-time 21 people, 80% comes from the Doctor,Master,MBA and the undergraduate course college of the top-grade university and well-known university at home and abroad, and has 5 years to consult with above to experience from the industry.Also own the high school think factory strategies such as extensive expert's resources network,the market investigation and the creativity showbiz etc.s to cooperate a colleague at home and abroad in the meantime.This item that will guarantee us deeply developping in the high standard, the premise of the high level and high quality in advance.

The outstanding service comes from an excellent team!We provide profession stability,keep on innovation and continuously improve of service;We insist on the strategy are in advance,the principle of strategy follow up;We take orders the principle that the all-directions personal adviser type serve, the persistence creates for customer's business enterprise larger turn of market value with good social influence, our expert's adviser team prepares to accept new mission at any time, greeting a new challenge!