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Basic target
Service quality: Our target with match international usual practice and blend Chinese state of the nation of the profession turn, systematize a service,
Satisfy the demand that the customer increases increasingly.
Manpower capital: We emphasize Chin-pen increases in value continuously of the target underlies the target that the finance capital increases in value.
Core competencies: Become biggest item of world to gather together the radiation ground quickly and availably, big, medium, small item formation
Press the international usual practice operation but there is the example of the frontier spirit again.
Economic performance: We can keep on the request of the growth according to the business; establish each period reasonable of the profit margin and the profits
Target, but not the simplicity pursues profits to maximize.
Brand strategy: BE plan with unprecedented principle, careful system, careful and attentive business, high-quality item inside the country
Eyes with have the international financing institution of [with] real strength to attain a star shining glory to reflect with each other for month towards connect the formation brand.
Manage thought
The company carries through to make people the center of management thought, chase the person is the most important resources of company, developing the person's potential well,
Special features, full consider the employee's growth and value, full transfer with exertive the person's aggressive, active and creation
Sex, make employee for reach the business enterprise development target to do the biggest contribution.
The shareholder is the investor of the material capital, but employee then the investor of the knowledge capital, both parties' common cooperation help realize
The development of the business enterprise.