Terms of service

Artistic brand marketing(Shanghai) organization business enterprise website aim at to produce type,sale type,service type,resources type and so on.and provide each kind of consultation service of item,just as the development strategy,the marketing management system,human resource,inner-controlled system,reorganization etc.
Artistic International Organization is a service station that provided integrates cases.The outstanding service comes from an excellent team, what we provide is the profession stability,keep on innovation and improve continuously of the personal adviser type service.

Any lands this website in any way or direct,indirect usage originally the website data, see as accept the stipulation of this website service item oluntarily.

A. The station contentses have to obey the People's Republic of China law strictly, can not make use of this station bane national security and reveal a national secret, can not infringe upon a national society collective of with the legal rights of the citizen, can not make use of this station creation,replication and spread a following information:
(1) Instigate resist,break the constitution and law,the administration laws implement;
(2) Instigate overthrow national political power , overthrow socialism institution;
(3) Instigate race hatred,the race discriminate, break the race incorporation;
(4) Fabricate or distort facts, spread a rumor, disturb social order;
(5) Publicize feudalism superstition, bawdry, eroticsim, gamble, violence, murder, terror, incite a crime;
(6) Affront others publicly or fabricate facts to slander others, or carry on other malices to attack;
(7) Injure national organization prestige;
(8) Other breach constitution and the law administration laws;
(9) Carry on the business advertisement behavior.

B, mutual respect, be responsible for own speech behavior.Strictly forbid assault and battery on any form.

C, managing person and webmasters have the power reservation or delete the get our of line contents.

D, Artistic respects especially and protect all usage Artistic personal right of privacy of the customer, you register of user's name,the E-mail address and personal data etc., admitting in person by you not or according to the compulsive provision of the related law,laws, Artistic will not reveal actively especially to the third party.

E, Artistic owns all copyrights of data inside this website, each right avowal has special provision, rule from it.Any is authorize of browse,make duplicate,print to belong to the data in this website and have to match a following condition with dissemination:

(1) All data and image authorized by Artistic writing.
(2) All data and image is for take information as a purpose;
(3) All data and image can not used for commercial purpose;
(4) All data,image and any parts have to included copyright to declare;

The website( all products,techniques and all procedures belong to Artistic intelligent property right,unauthorized here.Artistic and related sketch etc. for Artistic registers trademark. Haven't yet Artistic organization to admit especially, anyone can not(include but unlimited in with the illegal way replication, dissemination, demonstration, upload and download) use. Otherwise, Artistic organization will pursue its law responsibility by law.

F. This station reserves end explain power for this item.