The Statement

Artistic brand marketing (Shanghai) organization business enterprise website protect by Chinese law protection.

1. The speech of all members belongs to member's personal opinion in the forum, this station doesn't take any responsibility to this. When the government judicial organ to request this website to publish personal data according to the legal procedure, we according to enforce the law request or for the purpose of safety provide personal data.In the circumstances of any publish, this website doesn't take any responsibility .

2. Because of the customer tell personal password or share registration account with others, cause from here of any data reveal, this website doesn't take any responsibility.

3. Because of any attack by the black guest,the calculator virus invade or outbreak,because of the government control to produce close provisionally. the influence network normally conduct of force majeure but result in of personal data reveal,throw lose,rob use or drive distort etc., this website doesn’t take any responsibility.Because personal datas that the websites result ins connected with this website chains reveal and from here but cause of any law controversies and result, this website doesn’t take any responsibility.

4. If the website pause service due to system maintenance and update,it will announce in advance.If caused by line problem and uncontrol by our company to stop sevice, the period of stop sevice result in any inconvenience and lose, this website doesn't take any responsibility.
The website user disobey the role of the statement to offend the People's Republic of China law,any aftereffect should be charged with oneself, this website doesn't undertake any responsibility.

5. Go to this website in any way or direct, indirect to use the data from the website, as accept the stipulation of this website for statement.
unmentioned problem of the statement can refer to the law, if this statement conflict with the national law, taking national laws as standard.

6. The statement?the right of modification?update and end explain of this website is belong to Artistic website.